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VEKA AluConnect

The aluminium window made to be welded

VEKA is completely rethinking the aluminium window – for a unique and highly efficient fabrication process. With VEKA AluConnect, you can now assemble high-quality aluminium windows almost as fast as PVC-U windows.

VEKA AluConnect combines the best of two worlds: a weldable PVC-U core and high-quality aluminium surfaces. The profiles are delivered from the factory on a commission basis, with integrated gaskets and the desired powder coating.

  • Fast, rationalised production: industrial manufacturing of aluminium windows
  • Maximum sash sizes as with conventional aluminium windows thanks to structural bonding
  • Thermal insulation that meets the highest demands: very good Uf values without additional insulation
  • High-quality design with narrow sash overlaps and a distinctive aluminium look
  • In nearly all RAL colours as well as various surface finishes
  • Future-oriented sustainability through recycling at VEKA Umwelttechnik

The lift & slide door system designed for modern living spaces

VEKAMOTION 82 provides more light, more space, more options: comfortable, light-filled living space and attractive design as well as accessibility and an optimised gasket system. VEKAMOTION 82 also allows especially efficient production.

With its minimised visible surfaces, the design version VEKAMOTION 82 MAX offers an even greater proportion of glass. Its unique frame construction can be almost completely plastered over to create a nearly frameless exterior view.

  • Fast and safe processing with reduced complexity
  • Newly developed reinforcement concept for generously sized elements
  • Gasket system that meets the highest demands with many innovative detail solutions
  • Great compatibility with the SOFTLINE 82 platform
  • Outstanding thermal and sound insulation
  • Easy integration of high-quality shading and visual protection solutions
  • Unlimited colour and surface design options, including exterior aluminium panels

VEKA Automation

High-tech control for extra convenience

VEKA is making the window a central element in integrated building technology. As a VEKA partner using our system-coordinated components, you will be the first point of contact in a large and growing market.

Our newly released modules enable automated control of shading solutions such as roller shutters and Venetian blinds, as well as convenient activation of various technologies like switchable panes and motorised drives.

ShadeControl 100 and ShadeControl 110
  • Control units for the automation technology
  • Concealed installation
  • Control of wide-ranging functions such as shading and switchable panes
Touch 200 and Touch 400
  • Control elements with two or four touch surfaces
  • Subtle, elegant design: concealed integration in window frame or sash
  • Intuitive activation by touching profile surface

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The unique VEKA surface in new colours

VEKA SPECTRAL – surface finishing technology developed by VEKA, in tried and tested VEKA quality. It impresses not only with its look and feel, but also with its many special technical features.

Available exclusively to you as a VEKA partner, VEKA SPECTRAL provides you with a true unique selling point. We expand our palette of colours and finishes on an ongoing basis – so you can meet the demands of design-conscious architects and house owners.

New colours available from July 2020:

  • VEKA SPECTRAL sepia brown
  • VEKA SPECTRAL wine red

Colours already available:

  • VEKA SPECTRAL anthracite
  • VEKA SPECTRAL window grey
  • VEKA SPECTRAL graphite black
  • VEKA SPECTRAL pure whitet
  • VEKA SPECTRAL dark green
  • VEKA SPECTRAL steel bluet
  • VEKA SPECTRAL fir green

Visual protection solutions

Modern living comfort, perfectly implemented

With the new generation of roller shutter guides and the full range of system products available for the VEKAVARIANT 2.0 top-mounted box, you will be able to reliably provide all current shading and visual protection solutions.



  • Roller shutters, textile screens, Venetian blinds
  • Belt, crank or motor operation
  • VEKAVARIANT 2.0 and the box systems of other providers
  • Roller shutter guides for any installation situation: PVC-U, aluminium or laminated


Optimally connecting system environments

Create the widest variety of window and door solutions with just one profile: the new coupling can be used across systems in practically any installation situation, providing a connection as versatile as it is reliable.


  • Highest structural security
  • Reliable sealing
  • Windows, residential and side entrance doors
  • Fixed glazing and moveable sash
  • Effortless switching of opening
  • Many additional profiles for any installation situation

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Digital tools from DBS

Maximum efficiency for window production

Digital solutions that move you forward: the IT experts of Digital Building Solutions help you to optimise your processes so that you can manufacture stronger windows faster and more cost-effectively.


  • Digital tools for the work you do every day
  • Greater speed, stability and economy for your company
  • Optimisation of all planning, production and sales processes
DBS WinDo Imaging – visualisation in new dimensions
DBS WinDo Planning – digital window fabrication knowledge made easy and understandable
DBS WinDo Ordering – more than just an ordering tool
DBS WinDo Experts – master data and consulting at its best
DBS WinDo Flow – the window with the digital perspective

Sustainability with VEKA

For a secure future

VEKA works at many levels for sustainability in the window industry – all over Germany and Europe, in all of the important associations as well as in the VinylPlus initiative for dealing consciously with PVC-U products.

As a pioneer in the recycling of used PVC-U windows and production waste, VEKA Umwelttechnik laid the foundation for a future-oriented circular economy as early as 1993. The result: virtually homogeneous regranulate that can be fed back directly into production. In addition, the SOFTLINE profile platform is certified with the independently audited VinylPlus product label.

  • Service for the window industry: verified recycling of used windows and doors as well as production waste
  • Branches in Germany, France and Great Britain
  • Europe-wide recycling volume: >100,000 tonnes per year
  • VinylPlus product label: certified sustainability with VEKA
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